Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Krak komiks #8 - tease 01.

Well, the London Super Comic Convention wasn't so good for Hard Rock#1. Maybe next time at a more "indy" festival will be better. Anyway, thanks for everyone who came at Jemma Press booth, bought Hard Rock and had a little talk with me.
What's next? Of course the eighth issue of Krak komiks that's coming on 30th of March at Comicdom Con Athens 2012.
Panel 1: That question is going to answer Matina, graphic design senior student.
- Wow!
-How cool could be somenone who's making comics?

Panel 2: -I'm going to create mine, upload them to facebook and waiting for some feedback.

Panel 3: After a while...
- Five hundred likes??
- And five hundred comments??

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