Monday, January 9, 2012

Hard Rock #1

Well, the time has come to reveal what those two posts were about. (post No1 and post No2).
On 25th and 26th of February, at London Super Comic Convention ,will be released from Jemma Press my limited edition comic book Hard Rock #1. In this comic book you will find the first episode of the comic series "Hard Rock" that has been serialized since 2007 at my personal comic book, here in Greece, Krak komiks. Also you will find two stories I did specially for this issue (one page each).
A juicy detail about this edition is that I have redrawn the whole episode due I wasn't satisfied with the artwork of 2007. Scroll down and you will see the first page of the episode both from 2007 and 2011.
The next issues will come only if a publisher outside from Greece will adopt this comic book (in the form of comic books or a collection of the first five episodes). Jemma Press is giving just the first push.

Hard Rock #1
24 pages black and white (+4 full colour)
price: 3£ 
Limited edition of 450 numbered and signed copies.
At Jemma Press booth (Β17)
London Super Comic Convention, 25 & 26 of February, 2012.

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Tάσο μ αρεσει που στο παλθο ειναι πιο μουντρούχας.
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