Sunday, November 13, 2011

Doodles On A Wall #2

Yesterday, 12th of November 2011, I with Ser, Inva, Designinjah and Johnny Texes did some murals on the walls of Fena Fresh building (ex Ilissia) at the center of Salonika city.
If you live in Salonika, go check them. They won't be there forever.
Scroll down to see the process of my doodle and the works of the other artists.

The wall is ready.
A quick sketch before I start working on the wall.
After some pencils and outlines with the marker the filling is starting.
After more fillings.
After seven hours it's ready.
by Inva.
by Ser.
by Designinjah.
by Johnny Texes.

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Kostis Tz. said...

Δεν σας αρκούν τα χαρτιά, λερώνετε και τους τοίχους με καραγκιοζάκια τώρα... τσκ τσκ αυτή η νέα γενιά. :Ρ