Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Comic Artists Graffiti Battle!

Friday, 9th of December at Jemma Books & Comics NEW store!
138-140 Alkiviadou str. Piraeus.
I will draw on a wall with Tomek!
Be there!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Everything is Comicxs! The Crisis!

This is the last episode from the comic series "Όλα είναι κόμικξς!" (Everything is Comicxs!) that it was published at the comic magazine "9" of the Eleftherotypia newspaper. This episode never published because "9" was from the first victims of the economic crisis. I have posted again this comic but it was in greek. Now you can read it in english too. If you sroll down a little bit more, you will see the storyboards of the second part of this episode. There is an english translation fore those too.
Panel 1:
Title: Everything is Comicxs!
- Everything!
Panel 2:
Title: The Crisis! part two of two.
-I believe after the iced vallium we can watch the second part.
Panel 3:
-Get ready for the revolution you lousy Super Capitalist!
-Your dirty tricks don't work on us!
-Ha! You think so dirty bastards!
Panel 4:
Plop [sound effect] 
Panel 5:
-Oh man! You're really disgusting.
Panel 6:
Rumble!! [sound effect]
Panel 7:
Transform! [sound effect]

Panel 1:
- Ha! Ha! Ha!, run you fools!
Panel 2:
-So many years you haven'nt realized that I am the master of this planet.
Panel 3:
- And rather to loose this domination, I am ready to destroy you!
-Ha! Ha! Ha!
Panel 4:
- What the fuck was that crap man??
Panel 5:
-And we lost American Idol for this shit.
Panel 7:
-The scene with the turd cop shocked me.
-Yeah man...

Monday, November 21, 2011

Buenaventura Durruti

Yesterday, 20th of November, was 75 years from the death of the spanish anarchist Buenaventura Durruti. Click on the images below and scroll down to read the story of this man. This two-page comic were published, in greek, at the Krak komiks #5 (April 2010).

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Doodles On A Wall #2

Yesterday, 12th of November 2011, I with Ser, Inva, Designinjah and Johnny Texes did some murals on the walls of Fena Fresh building (ex Ilissia) at the center of Salonika city.
If you live in Salonika, go check them. They won't be there forever.
Scroll down to see the process of my doodle and the works of the other artists.

The wall is ready.
A quick sketch before I start working on the wall.
After some pencils and outlines with the marker the filling is starting.
After more fillings.
After seven hours it's ready.
by Inva.
by Ser.
by Designinjah.
by Johnny Texes.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Guess what...

Unfortunatelly, due to the economic crisis here in the wonderland of Greece, Krak komiks #8 is not going to be published this December but in March of 2012 at the Comicdom Con Athens 2012. BUT... till then something else is coming... guess what...?
Stay tuned at the blog for more revealing pictures.