Thursday, September 15, 2011

Krak über Berlin

A few days ago I was in Berlin. Here are a few photos from this trip.

The City.

"50 Jahre Super Comics"
Friday, 9th of September was the opening day for the exhibition "50 Jahre Super Comics" at Neurotitan Gallery. It was an exhibition with comics from artists of Reprodukt and Edition Moderne.

"European Graphic Novels"
Saturday, 10th of September there was a workshop within the International Festival of Literature 2011 at Haus der Berliner Festspiele. There was a lot of comic artists around Europe talking about their works or generally comics. From Greece was Alecos Papadatos (Logicomix). It was a very nice workshop coordinated by Lars von Törne (newspaper "Der Tagesspiegel")

 Modern Graphics
Comicshop at Oranienstraße 22, Kreuzberg.

 Renate Comics
Very cute comicshop and comiclibrary at Tucholskystraße 32, Mitte. If you live in Berlin you can be a member at Renate Comics and borrow comics from the library (second photo) that has over 15.000 titles!


Sophia said...

πω-πω! Φαίνονται τέλεια όλα...

stavroula papadaki said...

super!!!! :)